10 Print On Demand Companies for Selling Your Own Custom Products

You can make your own clothing line, monetize your following, or appeal to a particular market with personalized items. Print on demand is a fulfillment model that allows you to do all of this without having to keep inventory on hand.

However, finding the right print-on-demand company to collaborate with and bring your vision to life can take a lot of time and effort. Each platform has its own product list, shipping considerations, and unique features to consider when making your choice.

We’ve reviewed 10 of the best print-on-demand sites for creating, selling, and shipping your own custom items to help you narrow down your alternatives.

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The 10 leading print-on-demand businesses

The following print-on-demand sites are free to use at first, and you only have to pay for the product and shipment after someone purchases it;

1. Printful


3. Printify

4. Apliiq 

5. Teelaunch

6. CustomCat

7. Lulu Xpress

8. Redbubble

9. JetPrint

10. Spreadshirt

We’ll look at these major factors to make it even easier to choose the best print-on-demand site for your specific needs: Shipping, Printing methods, Unique features, Recommendation, and Product catalog summary to make it even easier to choose the best print-on-demand site for your specific needs.

All of the print-on-demand services on this list integrate with big e-commerce sites such as Shopify Woocomerce etc., allowing you to create a branded online store to sell your own custom products anywhere your target audience is.

1. Printful

Screen shot from printful

Product catalog

– T-shirts (American Apparel, Bella + Canvas, Gildan, etc.)

– Sweatpants, leggings, and joggers

– Tote bags and backpacks

– Mugs

– Phone cases

– Bean bag chairs

– Framed posters

– Prints

Printing options

Depending on the product, Printful provides direct-to-garment, embroidery, cut-and-sew, and sublimation printing. For an additional fee, you can add tear-away tags, inserts, and stickers to your packaging to give your buyers a more branded experience.

Unique features

You will be ready to sell in minutes thanks to the built-in mockup generator. Printful also has the most marketplace and commerce app integrations, like Shopify. On sample orders, they also give a 20% discount.


From the United States, Mexico, or Europe, products are normally ready to ship in two to five business days, with 50% of orders ready in under three days. Shipping to the United States costs $3.99 and takes three to four days (see their shipping map for other destinations). The cost of shipping is determined by the product, with reduced rates available for additional items purchased in the same order.


Beginners and experienced entrepreneurs who want a robust, well-rounded solution to get started on that really can scale with them will find it useful.

Printful is one of the most well-known print-on-demand businesses, with a wide variety of customizable products and features to help you get started, such as mockup generators and logo design. Printful’s catalog has what you’re looking for, whether you’re selling clothing, prints, home decor, or accessories.

You can apply your own branding to your products and packaging, including inside labels and packaging inserts, for an additional premium to facilitate repeat business or promote a different product line. Printful also offers graphic design and advertisement video services, as well as up to 30% off bulk orders.

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screenshotfrpm spod

Product catalog

– Classic t-shirts (as low as $6.39)

– Premium organic t-shirts

– Adjustable aprons

– Baseball caps

– Women’s longer-length fitted tank top

Camper mugs

7-inch crew socks

Printing options

Depending on the product you want to make, you can use digital direct, thermal sublimation, digital transfer/laser transfer, or special flex.

Unique features

A product customization tool that allows consumers to personalize their purchases using their own photographs, your own designs, or one of SPOD’s over 50k free designs. Sample orders are also eligible for a 20% discount.


Ships within 48 hours from the United States, with domestic shipping starting at $3.57 and an average delivery time of 3 to 8 business days. Rather than individual goods or quantities, costs are calculated based on the overall order value. For more details, use SPOD’s shipping calculator.


People who are new to print on demand and want fast delivery, simple shipping, and affordable prices. SPOD also has one of the best customization tools in the game if you want to allow customers to personalize your products, such as a t-shirt with an image of their dog.

Spreadshirt owns SPOD, a print-on-demand website. It has one of the fastest delivery times in the industry (95 percent of orders ship within 48 hours), ensuring a positive customer experience.

Although it does not have the widest selection of products, it does have some of the best prices and an easy-to-use product designer.

It also has a straightforward shipping pricing model that is dependent on the value of the goods you order. Calculating delivery costs for orders containing several items from various categories will easily become difficult for most print-on-demand businesses.

SPOD makes it easier to build shipping rules that increase profitability by using upselling and cross-selling to allow consumers to add more to their cart with costs dependent on order value.

3. Printify

Screen shot from printify
Product catalog


– Hoodies

– Backpacks

– Canvas wraps and framed prints

– Fridge magnets






High heels

Among others

Printing options

Depending on the print provider and product, options including direct to garment, sublimation, cut and sew embroidery, and more.

Unique features

When you’re ready to scale, you can move to the monthly premium plan for 20% off all orders, which can help you achieve higher profit margins.


Printify is a vendor network, meaning it sources and prints goods from a global network of partners. Items, shipping costs, location, packaging, and production times will all be determined by the print provider you choose.


Anyone looking for a cost-effective and versatile print-on-demand solution that allows them to find a printing partner that ships unique items from a specific area of the world.

Printify is unique in that it connects you with a vast network of printing partners all over the world. This not only gives you a wider selection of items to choose from, but it also allows you to choose your printer depending on the country in which you want to sell, allowing for quicker and more cost-effective delivery.

Overall, Printify has some of the highest margins and the most diverse product range. The inherent trade-off is that depending on who you work with, the quality of the goods and the printer’s service will vary. Additionally, deciding to collaborate with several vendors would vision in mind setup.

Note: It can take a lot of research to find the right print-on-demand company to partner with and bring your vision to life.

4. Apliiq 

Screen shot from Alpiiq
Product catalog

Pocket tees (designs on the chest pocket)

Premium joggers

Hoodies with print on interior lining

Kangaroo hoodies

Premium snapback hat

Denim jackets

Eco-friendly clothing

And many others.

Printing options

To make items that really feel like yours, add your own branded name, clothing tags, or embroidered patches. Apliiq also provides options for digital print, screenprint (for bulk orders), cut and sew, appliqué (where the designs are sewn on as a separate fabric), and embroidery.

Unique features

To mark your items, use add personalized labels, clothing tags, and patches. With the ability to design the interior lining of a hoodie or add pockets, patches, and more to your clothes, Apliiq offers more functionality than some other platforms.

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Orders can take up to seven days to produce. Apliiq provides weight-based shipping to the United States beginning at $3.99 and ships globally to over 150 countries (see their international shipping page for their shipping rates table). You can pay a ten percent rush order charge or select expedited delivery for quicker fulfillment.


Anyone serious about fashion who wants to start their own clothing line of high-end apparel at a higher price point, particularly if they want to order in bulk so they can sell items offline.

There are few better options than Apliiq if you want to start a clothing line that prioritizes design and quality. Its headquarters are in downtown Los Angeles, and it offers a variety of customization options that allow you to make your own retail-quality private label apparel items.

Apliiq is a great partner for anyone who wants to start a fashion brand and sell through a combination of online and offline retail channels. With greater wholesale discounts than most print-on-demand suppliers (starting at 20% off for a bulk order of ten), Apliiq is a great partner for anyone who wants to start a fashion brand and sell through a mix of online and offline retail channels.

Upgrade to a package that includes 100 custom woven labels that will be sewn onto your goods for $100 per year. Instead of providing a sample discount, as most businesses do, you pay a premium for quality assurance, which includes an in-house manufacturing artist reviewing your product and making small changes to your design.

When you’re ready to dropship or purchase in bulk, you’ll know your customers are making the right version of your service.

5. Teelaunch

Screen shot from Teelauch
Product catalog

T-shirts (Next Level, Bella + Canvas, and more)

3-piece canvas sets

Color-changing mugs

Monogram handbags


Penryn backpacks

Bluetooth speakers

Dog bowls


iPhone cases

Phone chargers


And over 120 more

Printing options

For clothing, there’s direct to garment and cut and stitch all-over printing, as well as laser etching on tumblers and cutting boards.

Unique features

Teelaunch has a product personalization feature that allows consumers to add their name to a product or upload their own photos. It also creates high-quality professional product mockups for certain products, including lifestyle images.


Orders are ready to ship from facilities in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom after three to six business days of production. The cost of shipping is determined by the commodity and the destination. For more details, see Teelaunch’s complete cost breakdown.

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Anyone looking for a one-stop-shop for producing high-quality goods. Teelaunch makes it easy to find high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Teelaunch is yet another reliable and adaptable print-on-demand provider. The nature of the mockups it creates for you stands out the most—it provides you with professional-looking product pictures to use in marketing materials as well as lifestyle photographs for some of its products.

Teelaunch has all of the ingredients to help you start a print-on-demand company, including a competitively priced catalog of high-quality goods (including some very unique items like Bluetooth speakers), fair delivery times, and a responsive customer service team.

6. CustomCat

Screen shot from customcat
Product catalog

T-shirts (Bella + Canvas, Dickies, Gildan, and more)


Laptop sleeves

Pet accessories



Windbreaker jackets and pants


And much more items.

Printing options

Printing methods include direct-to-garment, sublimation, 3D dye diffusion, and embroidery.

Unique features

An optional $30 monthly paid package gives you access to some of the industry’s lowest rates ($7 tees and $3.50 mugs).


Orders are manufactured in the United States and are normally ready to ship in two to three days. Domestic shipping takes one to seven business days, and foreign shipping takes four to fifteen days. Domestic shipping costs $4.99 for the first item and $1.50 for each additional item in the United States, while foreign shipping costs $7.50 for the first item and $5.95 for each additional item. While International shipping costs $7.50 for the first package and $5.95 for each subsequent item. Information is provided on CustomCat’s FAQ page.


They have one of the largest catalogs on this site, which makes it easy to find hard-to-find products.

CustomCat is a large-scale print-on-demand company with the largest product catalog on this list, with over 550 items and counting. CustomCat is a good all-around partner with low rates and quick delivery times if you’re looking for a variety of items and don’t mind using a basic design tool.

It has a large selection of labels and items to choose from, as well as a $30 monthly paid plan that gives you a discount on the entire collection.

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7. Lulu Xpress

Screenshot from Luluxpress
Product catalog







Novelty coffee-table books


Poetry books


Comic books


And other print products

Printing options

Paper type, trim size (from pocketbook to A4 landscape), print quality and color, binding type (perfect bound, hardcover, etc.), and matte or glossy finish are all options for digital printing.

Unique features

You can sell your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu’s own marketplace, or as an ebook through Lulu.


Ships to over 150 countries in three to five business days from distribution centers in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Shipping to the United States starts at $3.99. For more details, see Lulu’s pricing calculator.


Writers, teachers, comedians, illustrators, and other creators of all kinds who use book or calendar product to monetize their talent or their audience.

Lulu xPress is the print-on-demand division of Lulu, an online self-publishing website. It allows you to easily design and sell your own print items, such as books and calendars, that you can personalize in several ways.

Lulu xPress is suitable for writers, photographers, educators, and other creatives, particularly those who want to monetize their existing audience. Lulu allows you to transform digital content into a physical object, such as making your webcomics into a coffee table book, in addition to the regular products that creators normally sell.

Most importantly, using Lulu does not prevent you from using other distribution platforms of greater scope and volume, such as bookstores and Amazon. Instead, by selling directly to customers under your own name and bypassing all of the gatekeepers of conventional publishing, Lulu Xpress is a simple way to test an idea or hold some of your money.

Note: To ensure that your goods look and sound the way you want them to, you’ll need to work with dependable service.


Screen shot from Redbubble

Along with Teespring, Redbubble is likely the largest and most well-known print-on-demand company mentioned in this article. Their website gets a lot of traffic and features a lot of artwork from a diverse group of designers and artists.

T-shirts, hoodies, scarves, postcards, notebooks, shirts, phone cases, stickers, and other items can be sold on Redbubble.

Redbubble is fast, with most orders arriving within 24-48 hours, which is perfect if you want excellent customer service.

Payments are made on the 15th of each month, regardless of whether you sold 5 or 1,000 products via PayPal or wire transfers (USA, UK, AU only)

It’s free to enter Redbubble and it has an easy user interface where you can set your margins. It’s a top-notch site with a large user base and a diverse culture.

This one fits the bill perfectly for everyone. There are several sites like Redbubble in this article but this is by far the best and most common print-on-demand platform based on traffic and reviews.

9. JetPrint

Screen shot from Jeprint
Product catalog

Genuine leather strap watches

Steel strap watches

Magnetic steel strap watches

Perpetual calendar watches

Hard phone cases


Wall tapestries

And many others.

Printing options

JetPrint is a watch company that allows you to print your own designs on the watch face. It has a variety of watch styles, colors, and straps to choose from to personalize the final product.

Unique features

Process orders automatically, with a timeline that allows you to make adjustments or corrections if necessary. JetPrint also allows you to create a range of high-quality mockups and informative specifications to use on your product page automatically.


Three to five business days is the average processing time. It provides free global shipping with a 14–20 business day estimated delivery period. It does, however, provide $15 express shipping for delivery in five to nine business days for an additional $15. For more information, visit their FAQ page.


Anyone interested in using a drop shipping fulfillment model to start their own custom watch business.

JetPrint is a print-on-demand company that specializes in one product category: watches. You can design your own watches to sell on-demand, with a variety of designs, brands, and colors to choose from. Free and express shipping options for international coverage have been streamlined, making it simple to advertise free international shipping to entice consumers to shop with you.

JetPrint will automatically produce a series of product images that showcase your watches from various angles once you’ve finished designing your product.

JetPrint has mostly focused on watches, but it is widening its product line to include other categories such as home decor and phone accessories.

10. Spreadshirt

Screen shot from Spreadshirt

Another POD business that makes it simple to build and sell personalized items is Spreadshirt. They are located in Germany and have an interesting selection of objects (most companies in this list are US-based).

They have a user-friendly interface and a plethora of tools for artists to experiment with. You’ll have plenty to work with over 100 pieces.

Spreadshirt allows you to sell items such as children’s clothes, water bottles, phone cases, tablet cases, and more.

They typically go for popular products, so whatever is hot in the market right now could be available at Spreadshirt right away.

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The most appealing aspect of print on demand is that it provides a low-risk way to try your hand at selling custom items. As we’ve discussed, you’ll need to find a dependable service to work with to ensure that your goods look and sound the way you want them to and that they’re delivered to your customers on time.

Many print-on-demand companies appear interchangeable at first glance, especially if all you want to do is start an online t-shirt company. However, it’s critical to choose a partner based on their abilities, goods, and ability to scale with your vision. Your partner’s exclusive catalogs, pricing, and feature sets make a significant difference once you know what you want.

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