15 Best Sites To Take Paid Online Surveys (Up to $100 – $200)Month



Online paid surveys are one of the best ways of making side hustle for someone who is looking for gigs to do at home or on the go either with your smartphone or laptop as long as you are connected to the internet. Due to the increasing numbers of the sites that provide paid online surveys, it has also led to a lot of scams online especially those that claimes to provide a high amount of money for completing the surveys on their sites and they don’t pay at all.

You can take part in online market research surveys from home, your office, school, or anywhere.

Are you a student, housewife, or anyone who just wants to make some extra side money besides your daily job to help you in buying your household items, paying rent, money for vacation among others?

Yes, you can earn extra money from home with paid surveys without even investing any single coin and you can up to $100 – $500 monthly.

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If you are interested in earning some extra money from the comfort of your home, it’s simple you just have to try the following list of sites I have suggested below

1.Feature Points

This is a website/app that allows you to try free apps, take surveys online, and get rewards, such as points that can be redeemed into real money or gift cards. Feature points allow you to earn these rewards using your smartphones such as iPhone or Android devices.

Feature points also offer cashback services, this where they pay you real money for shopping online in more than 50+ online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Fila among others. With feature points, you can cash your money via PayPal, Bitcoin, and redeeming gift cards such as Amazon voucher card.

To get started with feature points is pretty simple; sign up, create an account, and fill in your profile details. Feature points also pay you to invite others to join


Swagbucks is a website that offers rewards to its users to inform of points for performing simple tasks such as completing surveys online, trying the app, watching videos, and searching the web. They also offer cashback from your favorite shopping retailer.

You will get paid in SBs [Swagbucks points] which can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash. The gift cards they offer comes from over 1000+ retailers including Amazon, M&S, iTunes, Starbucks, Fila, and many others.

To get started with the Swagbucks is pretty simple because there are two options;

a] sign up using your Facebook account or using your email account. And it’s total, no paid membership.

3.Idle -Empire

Idle-Empire offers offer points to its users as a reward for completing tasks on their website. They offer a variety of ways to earn points such as completing online marketing surveys, watching videos, testing games, and services. And those points can then be redeemed through different providers such as skin bay gift cards, steam gift cards, perfect money balance, Amazon gift cards, X box live gift cards, Bitcoin, and PayPal among others.

To get started with Idle-Empire is very easy, you either sign up with your social media account like Facebook, Twitter or you can with your email account.


MyPoints is an online shopping rewards program that has helped over nine million members earn points for more than twenty years. These points can be earned by completing online surveys, watching videos, printing, and redeeming coupons.

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They also award points for every purchase made by their members from their favorite brands such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Dell among others.

Members can transfer their points to gift cards to hundreds of stores, restaurants travel miles, and Visa Prepaid cards or donate to charity organizations.


PaidViewpoint is the market research survey site that pays real money for completing surveys online. They do offer one survey every 24hrs and pay real money after finishing every survey that can be withdrawn via PayPal when you reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

They don’t screen you out once have been invited into the survey meaning that it is free to join and participate in the survey. PaidViewpoint is operated by aytm.

6.Toluna Influencer

Toluna is a website that gives a task of market research surveys online and in return, they offer rewards as a sign of compensation. Rewards are what Toluna offers for your time spent giving opinions. You receive rewards in form of points that can be redeemed for all kinds of cool pieces of stuff from sweepstakes tickets for great new gadgets or getaways, gift cards for a large selection of stores including or even real hard cash!

You also get points for simple things like signing up, filling out your profile surveys among others. And you can join Toluna for absolutely free.

7.Survey Club

This is a website that allows its members to participate in online market research surveys and they are awarded real money for their time spent completing surveys.

They have three different types of surveys called featured studies;

1.Food Survey

With the food survey, members are allowed to participate in only food market research.

Food survey is only offered to the female of 25 – 55 years to participate in it.

It only takes five minutes to complete a food survey.

And they pay $115.00 per survey completed.

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2. General Opinion survey

With the General opinion survey, both males and females are allowed to participate in the survey.

For one to participate in the General Opinion survey, must be 18 – 99 years old.

The survey takes 11 – 15 minutes.

And they pay $1.00 per survey completed.

3. Buyers survey

With the Buyers survey, it’s a bit similar to General Opinion Survey except their participants must be 13 – 99 years old.

And they pay $3.00 per survey completed.

How to get started with a survey club

1. Fill out the ”Become Member” form to create a free SurveyClub account.

2. Then you complete your profile. Including things like age, gender, zip code, marital status, education, household income among others.

3. They use the information you provide to match you with the available studies in your area.

4. You decide which studies you would like to participate in. Click on the study name and follow the directions.

5. Once you have completed a study, they will deposit cash into your SurveyClub reward account. Then you will have the option to redeem your cash via Amazon gift card.

8.Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a website that allows its members to participate in online marketing survey research and testing of products.

After you signed up for pinecone research, they will always notify you when your survey ready to be completed. The award you with points after every survey that you can later redeem into cash or prize.


LifePoints is a website that allows its members in the community to participate in the online marketing survey research. To get started with LifePoints, it’s pretty simple just to connect with the LifePoints community, contribute to the online surveys, and collect life points for the favorite rewards.


PrizeRebel is a website that offers online paid surveys to its members to complete and in the return, they are awarded points that can then later be redeemed for cash to PayPal, Visa prepaid cards, and gift cards like Amazon gift cards, eBay gift cards, and Steam gift cards among others.


E-poll Survey is an online forum that allows its members to take part in an online survey by expressing their opinions on a variety of issues that affect their daily life. And in return, they award points for every survey completed that can then later redeemed for cash.

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Qmee is a free browser and app that allows its users to complete online marketing surveys on different products. And they real cash of awards $0.5 – $1.00 per survey completed. They also pay for searching on their browser and shopping online straight into your piggy bank and you can then redeemed to your PayPal, Amazon, iTunes among others.


Vindale Research is a reliable and free survey site for anyone who wants to earn money online completing surveys. They also pay money for watching videos, paid studies, and referral programs.

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They have three different types of survey such as;

1. Politic survey

With a political survey, they ask you questions about important political events and the survey takes 10 minutes.

And they award $10.00 for every survey completed.

2. Electronic survey

This survey will ask you questions about popular consumer electronics and it takes 12 minutes.

And they pay $14.00 per each survey completed.

3. Fashion survey

This survey will ask you questions about upcoming fashion trends and it takes 4 minutes.

And they pay $2.00 per each survey completed.

14.Survey Junkie

Surveyjunkie is a website that allows you to complete online marketing surveys. And they award points for each completed survey that can then be redeemed for cash via PayPal or e-gift cards.


iPoll is a website that allows its members to participate in online marketing research surveys and earn points that can then later be redeemed for cash and gift cards like Amazon gift cards, App stores, and iTunes.


Online surveys are the best place to make some extra money from the comfort of your home, school, from your office, etc. According to those’ that I have listed above you can choose one or more and sign up with them. They are free to join and they don’t require any credit card or any monthly fees.

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  1. Lovely article! I am most definitely share it with my peers who are looking to make money online by performing simple tasks like taking surveys. There’s plenty of scams out there and many survey sites that are trash that literally pay cents for long surveys. I came across many new sites and I am going to try them myself. I am convinced that i will not go wrong based on the review. Great reviews.

  2. Your article ’15 Best Sites To Take Paid Online Surveys (Up to $100 – $200 / month) was a real interesting read and I’m glad that I came across it. Especially in the Times that we are in it is pivotal to find ways to earn money that do not require too much of your presence and will be very comfortable. I think these sites provide just that. 


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