21 Best Apps That Pays Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies.

Everyone loves the idea of getting a little more cryptocurrency in their wallet especially if they don’t have to buy it. In the past, the only way to earn more cryptocurrency was to mine it. As apps and sites become more popular, people are starting to look for more ways to earn cryptocurrency.

Lately, a lot of apps that let you earn cryptocurrency have been hitting the markets. Some of these apps help you earn Bitcoin(cryptocurrency) for performing tasks like playing games, taking online surveys, completing micro jobs, while others will give you similar currencies in exchange for other tasks. Either way, these apps are great ways to earn some free money online.

The new onslaught of cryptocurrency apps that let users take a slice of cryptocurrency home with them is helping bring blockchain technology to a new wave of people. Want to join in on the cryptocurrency fun? Try these apps, and enjoy earning cryptocurrency faster than ever before.

1. Cointiply

This app is available for both iPhone and Android phones and if you would like to earn some bitcoin by completing simple tasks such as taking online surveys, playing games, and even getting paid to chat in the chatroom on the app or their site on your laptop or desktop try cointiply.

They pay via bitcoin when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of 30,000 coins worth $30 in bitcoin.

2. FreeBitcoin.in

This is a free faucet rolling app where you can win up to $200 per hour rolling faucet and they also have plenty of ways of earning bitcoin-like betting where you place bets on big events and sports occasions such as soccer matches, premier league among others.

They also give you chances of winning up to $15000 every day on their free lottery faucet and you can use your account as a cryptocurrency wallet for storing your bitcoin and interest for storing bitcoin or withdraw to your cryptocurrency wallet when you reach the minimum withdraw limit of 30000 satoshis.

3. Free Bitcoin Cash

This is a video game app that pays its users for playing simple and funny games after every hour, completing online surveys.

The new and best way to claim your free Bitcoin Cash, from the creators of the longest-running and best free bitcoin mobile apps.

The game is really easy to play, with great rewards every hour and additional bonuses! Every week (Tuesday) they send BCH directly on the blockchain to your Bitcoin Cash wallet.

It’s available for both IOS and Android phones.

3. WowApp

WowApp is a free revolutionary platform that allows you to win rewards as a result of your daily activities. And they do pay wow coin which is equivalent to $1 each

Inside the new WowApp sharing economy, you can win rewards from the many activities that you were doing before for free. With WowApp, you can get rewarded from:

• GAMES: Win Rewards and Do Good by playing your favorite games

• SHOPPING ONLINE: Get Cashback and Do Good when purchasing from over 10,000 online shops, worldwide

• TALK: Win Rewards and Do Good by getting cash back if you need to make paid calls at super low rates

• INSTANT EARN: Win Rewards instantly and Do Good from their daily offers

• STORE CREDIT: Do Good and Get Cashback that you can convert to gift cards

• LOYALTY: Win Rewards and Do Good based on your loyalty to WowApp and your network members

they’re constantly working on adding more rewards generating opportunities for you, so join today and start winning what’s rightfully yours. Invite your friends to join you too! The more active you and your friends are, the more you win!

WowApp is free community members do not pay anything to get rewarded.

And most importantly, every day you use WowApp, you do good in the world because a part of your daily rewards from each activity is automatically donated to the charity of your choice. Imagine a world where every one of us is a benefactor every single day.

The power is in your hands. Join the WowApp community and start Earning Sharing Doing Good.

And you can withdraw to your bank account when you reach the minimum payout of 240 wow coins worth $240.

4. Womplay.io

This app is available on both IOS and Android, and also on the web app on laptops/desktops.

On womplay, you earn wombucks per game that you play which can be used for playing challenge games and later withdrawn to EOS and Telos cryptocurrency. And registration is free to join womplay.

5. Pitacoin

Pitacoin is a simple game app with bitcoin prizes that allow predicting future bitcoin price through pressing the up or down button on the screen and you’ll get the result within 24 hours.

The price prediction game takes place every day. It’s a simple quiz game, where you just predict whether the bitcoin price would rise or drop in 24 hours from the base price shown. And if you win the prediction, you’re awarded 30 satoshis of bitcoin that you can later withdraw to a cryptocurrency wallet such as Binance: Bitcoin Exchange | Cryptocurrency Exchange, WazirX, Buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in India | Bitcoin Exchange | Crypto Exchange, Gemini, Kraken, Coinbase, Poloniex, bitFlyer, OKCoin, and Coincheck.

6. Seatcoin

Sweatcoin is a new breed of step counter and activity tracker app that pays you digital currency called sweat coin.

Sweatcoin converts your steps into a new digital currency called “sweatcoins”. Spend sweatcoins earned on goods, services, and experiences with their vendor partners or other users, donate to charity or exchange them with your friends and family for whatever you fancy.

The more you move = the fitter and healthier you become = the wealthier you get. The movement has value.

With Sweatcoin you can also exercise at home or outside and be rewarded with sweat coins.

Sweatcoin’s activity tracker will let you keep track of your progress.

With Sweatcoin you will be able to redeem offers for free thanks to their marketplace with exclusive discounts and products.

Whether you want to get in shape, lose weight, or keep track of your fitness level, you’ll find Sweatcoin the perfect app to stay healthy.

You can use Sweatcoin on your smartphone (Android or iPhone) and in your smartwatch (currently on Apple Watch).

And the good thing is that it doesn’t drain your phone battery because it has a Pedometer that Sweatcoin runs in the background, wasting no battery, to count your steps as a step tracker or pacer.

7. StormX

This app is available for both Android and iOS as well. With StormX, you can earn money by playing games and shopping at your favorite stores.

They let you cash out via Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Storm, etc.

8. GramFree

This site doesn’t have an app yet but you can use their website on all devices. And they let you earn a cryptocurrency called Gram which worth $2.50.

You can simply earn Gram through simple daily tasks like watching videos, signing contracts, rolling free faucet per hour among others.

9. Alien Run

This is another mobile game available for both Android and iOS. With Alien Run, you can earn Bitcoin by just playing the game where you basically are running through an obstacle course.

10. Blockchain Game

Blockchain Game is a free app that is available only for Android. It lets you earn Satoshi/Bitcoin by playing games where you do things like build a blockchain out of virtual blocks.

11. OX Universe

Have you ever played any space games on your mobile? In space games, you build spacecraft and travel to space to explore new worlds. You have many other tasks such as extracting resources, exploring new places, etc. The game has high-end graphics. You have to build a spaceship by purchasing different parts, or you can also unlock the parts by playing.

The game also allows you to discover new planets, and you can also purchase them. For traveling to other planets, you need a rocket, and you have to pay for launching your rocket. There are many other strategies and rules of the game. Once you play, you can know about it.

However, the game is not free. You have to invest some amount in starting playing. You can earn digital coins by selling your spaceships in this game, and the game needs an extra app called Arkane wallet. You can earn Ethereum coins by selling your spaceships, and you can exchange them with bitcoin using a wallet.

12. CryptoPop

Cryptopop is a popular cryptocurrency game that is similar to candy crush. The candy crush has symbols including, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, etc. Virtual balloons cover these symbols, and you need to combine those balloons with earning points that can make you digital coins.

Currently, the game offers coins in Ethereum and Pop-coin. But the game will also pay you in different coins such as Bitcoins, Litecoins, Bitcoin Cash, IDEX, etc. This game is available on the play store, and you can use it to earn bitcoin.

13. Merge Cats

You can earn the cryptocurrency coin ‘soul’ by playing Merge cats. One of the best parts of the game is you can score even if you are now playing the game. Have you ever played candy crush? Then you can easily understand this game. You need to merge cats to build up the next level and sort them in order. You score more points as long as you move up to the level.

14. CropBytes

CropBytes is a cryptocurrency game that you can download from Android or iOS. You can earn cryptocurrency coins by playing this game. However, the game is integrated with a digital wallet app called Tron. So you can exchange these coins to get bitcoin.

This is a simulation game that allows you to perform different roles. You can become a farmer and do farming. You can also be a trader or investor in this game. If you take every role at a time, you can earn high incomes.

This app allows you to do cryptocurrency mining, cryptocurrency trading in an open market. The value of cryptocurrency assets varies on market conditions inside the game. Some major factors that affect the value are the activities of the players and supply. The earnings from this game will be calculated in TRX. The game is going to be updated soon to the 3D version.

15. Crypto Tab

This is a web browser app that has an inbuilt mining algorithm and lets you mine bitcoin on all devices whether phone, tablet,iPad, or laptop/desktop while searching the web. And you can also increase your mining speed by playing free games, watching videos, and referring others to the app.

You can withdraw your earnings to your cryptocurrency wallet whenever you want.

It’s available for both Android and iPhone.

16. Brave Browser

This is also another web browser that lets you privately browse the internet, for free.

The Brave Private Browser App is a fast, free, and safe private web browser with an ad blocker and pop-up blocker. That lets you privately browse and search the internet without being tracked by advertisers, malware, and pop-ups.

You can use it on all devices like android, iPhone, laptop/desktop, and they award you with BAT cryptocurrency that you can later withdraw at the end of the month.

17. Feature Points

Feature points is available for Android and iOS. With this app, you can make money from downloading free apps, surveys, online shopping, and watching videos.

They have an option for cashing out via Bitcoin.

18. Wishoo

Wishoo is also another world’s social media that pays you to watch, enjoy, and like interesting content. Earn up to $5 per month just for liking content.

Every vote you make on wishoo earns you 1.5 Ecoin, you can vote up to 20 Votes per day.

Apart from earning from your own votes, you can also earn earnings from your referrals.

You earn 50% of direct earnings from your referrals i.e if your friend earns 30 Ecoins by voting you earn 15 Ecoins from that. If you refer 20 friends then your earnings are 10 times more than yours.

They also have post and earn where you earn for posting on the site.

To post 1 post on wishoo, you need to have 100 Fully valid referrals or 40,000 Ecoin on your wombat wallet or 50 Fv referrals with 5 in the past 2 days.

You earn 0.5 Ecoin per Vote you receive.

Since users also earn when they vote, you are assured to get a lot of votes when users visit wishoo.

Also the higher quality content and regularly you post the more you make in the long run coz then users will start following you, and to those who follow you, your posts will be shown first.

19. Crypto Word

This app lets you points while playing a video game(arranging words) that you later withdraw in form of bitcoin to your coinbase wallet or Nano cryptocurrency wallet.

And you can withdraw in a period of after every three days of playing the game.

20. Bitcoin Blast

This is a video gaming app that lets you earn bitcoin while playing.

It’s available on iOS and Android phones and it let cash out your earnings in a period of three days.


You can use this opportunity to mine picoin(pi network), during its early stage before it becomes expensive to get like other cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, and BCH because it’s gaining price every day due to several people diving into it.

You can use its app to mine it on your phone without draining your battery and use code elwee20 to get 1 free picoin when you get the app.




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