20 Legit Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Gift Cards

You may be trying to save some money if you play a lot of Xbox games like Minecraft and Fortnite, and also spend cash on games, subscriptions, and other items on your console.

Using a gift card to get a free Xbox code or free video game is one of the simplest ways to save.

Is it possible to get them for free, though?


If you’re looking for free Xbox Live codes. Then continue reading to find more about it and how to get it for free.

But I’ll be honest with you: websites and businesses aren’t just giving them out.

It will necessarily require some effort on your part.

But don’t worry, it’s still very easy!

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a gift card to buy a game or one that will get you a free Xbox Live subscription.

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Where to,  Xbox Gift Cards in a Legitimate Way

Here are 20 different places to get free Xbox gift cards.

1. Microsoft Rewards

one of the most simple and easy ways to get a free Xbox gift card is through Microsoft Reward.

This is the closest you’ll come to receiving free Xbox gift cards without having to fill out surveys or sign up for deals.

This is a Microsoft rewards program that offers you points for shopping, playing games, and searching the internet with Bing or Microsoft Edge.

You are compensated for each search you conduct (there is a limit on the number of searches you can do in a day though).

They’ve also introduced an Xbox Live Rewards (review) feature where you can receive points for gift cards and in-game purchases. Apart from looking, you can earn money by taking quizzes, surveys, and even setting goals.

You can exchange your point for a variety of items, including Xbox gift cards.

Some great rewards for gamers that I’ve seen include:

-Gift card for Xbox GamePass

-Xbox Live membership is available for free.

-Sweepstakes entries for prizes such as a free console or a lifetime subscription to GamePass.

Gaining points is easy, and you’ll have a gift card in no time.

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If you haven’t heard of Swagbucks, it’s a website where you can win points for completing tasks. There are also enjoyable activities, such as:

– listening to the radio.

-Watching videos.

– Shopping online.

-Playing games.

You can also gain money by participating in surveys on the website if you don’t mind sharing your thoughts.

You’ll earn points for completing these activities, which you can exchange for Xbox gift cards.

PayPal is a redemption option, which means you can cash out your earnings and use the money to buy Xbox gift cards or other items in the Xbox store for free.

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Looking for a fast buck to put towards a game you’ve been eyeing?

So, send Qmee a shot.

The website will compensate you for activities that you are most likely already doing, such as searching the internet or shopping online.

You can also earn money by participating in surveys.

After that, you’ll be able to withdraw your funds directly to your PayPal account. The best thing about Qmee is that there is no minimum cash-out requirement. This ensures you have complete control of your earnings and can take them out whenever you want. Isn’t it fantastic?

It’s the best place to use if you need money quickly to purchase something from the Xbox store.

4. Idle Empire

Idle Empire comes next on the list. It’s essentially a gaming rewards website. Consider Swagbucks, but with an emphasis on sports.

You can earn money by doing a variety of things, such as:

-Completing offers

-Taking surveys

-Putting together bid walls

– Watching videos

-Friend referrals

-Playing video games

In return, you can redeem your payouts in form of an Xbox gift card instead of money.


Do you frequently shop online?

Then Rakuten is the place for you. When you shop online, the website will give you cashback. At more than 2,500 stores, you will get up to 40% cashback.

Coupons, promo codes, and regular deals are also available.

Your cashback can be deposited into your PayPal account. Then spend this money on something Xbox-related, such as a game or an Xbox Live Gold membership. You will get a $10 bonus just for signing up.

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GrabPoints is a popular website with a high Trustpilot rating of 4 stars.

If you join the website, you can earn a point for:

– Watching videos

-Completing surveys

– Completing offers

-Referring friends

7. FeaturePoints

And here is FeaturePoints. It’s similar to Swagbucks in that you get paid for a range of tasks, such as:

– Trying free apps

– Shopping online

– Taking surveys

For completing these activities, you’ll earn points that can be exchanged for Xbox gift cards. There are also PayPal payments available, as well as gift cards for other game stores like GameStop.

8. Appstation

It’s fair to say that if you’re looking for gift cards for your console, you enjoy playing games.

That’s why I think AppStation is worth a shot. It’s a game-playing app that rewards you with coins.

These coins can be exchanged for Xbox gift cards. Payments can also be made through PayPal. AppStation is nice because it pays quickly.

9. AppKarma

Through AppKarma, you could earn GCs simply by downloading apps.

It’s one of the few games-paying applications out there. Your earnings can be redeemed for an Xbox Live gift card.

Payments can also be made through PayPal. This could be a nice way to gain GCs while having fun if you like trying out new apps. You can also earn money by taking quizzes with AppKarma. So there are a few options for making money.

10. Crowdtap

Crowdtap comes next on the chart. I’m aware that many people dislike taking surveys. If you’re one of them, Crowdtap isn’t for you because it’s a survey location.

Crowdtap is worth a shot if you don’t mind sharing your thoughts. It’s a website that pays you to express your thoughts. Every day, thousands of questions must be answered.

You can get an Xbox gift in exchange for sharing your thoughts.

11. ZoomBucks

ZoomBucks rewards you for a variety of activities, including:

– Watching videos

-Completing offers

-Taking surveys

Your earnings can be redeemed for an Xbox gift card. PayPal payments are also accepted – so that’s free money for the Microsoft store, right?

12. Poll Pay

If you don’t mind taking polls, you may want to check out Poll Pay. It’s a survey-taking app that pays you to complete them. You have the option of having your earnings deposited into an Xbox gift card. You can also transfer your funds to your PayPal account and use them to get free items from the Xbox store.


Are you looking for a way to get some extra money to shop at the Xbox store? Isn’t that the case with all of us? It’s good to have some spending money that doesn’t come from our bank account.

That’s why I suggest giving Ibotta a shot. This app compensates you for uploading receipt images. Basically, each time you go to the grocery store, you might get yourself some free cash to spend on your console.

Here’s how Ibotta works:

-Open up the app and browse offers

-Select the offers you want

-Purchase the item featured in the offer

-Make your purchase and keep the receipt

-Upload a photo of your receipt

-Get money

It’s that simple. You can have your money sent right to your PayPal account, handily enough!

14. Fetch Rewards

When you shop with Fetch Rewards, you can get free Xbox gift cards.

It’s a grocery shopping app that lets you earn points for your purchases.

Every time a product appears on your receipt, you’ll earn points. It’s as simple as scanning your grocery receipt.

Your points can be exchanged for Xbox gift cards. Digital MasterCard and Visa gift cards are also available.

15. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a website where you can get paid to take surveys. The website’s best feature is that you can quickly cash out your earnings.

A free Xbox Live gift card is available. Alternatively, you will get your earnings deposited into your PayPal account. There are also gift card options available, such as getting a free Visa or Amazon gift cards.


When you dine with Dosh, you will win Xbox codes.

With Dosh, you can earn cashback when you eat out. Simply add your credit and debit cards to your account and pay at the restaurant with them. You’ll get up to 10 percent cash back automatically.

Through Dosh, you can pay with your connected card at 1000s of stores and restaurants.

You can have your cashback sent to your PayPal account and use it to get gift codes for the Xbox store.


Did you know that watching video trailers will earn you money?

Yes, really!

AppTrailers will earn you points when you watch video previews of games, celebrity gossip, DIY updates, and more. Playing trivia games will also win you money.

Your points can be exchanged for money in your PayPal account.

And you can use it to buy things on console accessories!


InboxDollars is next on the list. This website will compensate you for doing the following:

-Reading emails

-completing surveys

-Playing video games

Shopping online

Your earnings can be deposited into your PayPal account. Use the money to stock up on games for your console.


Give AppNana a try if you enjoy trying out new apps. It’s a game and app testing app that pays you to try out new games and apps. That’s all. It’s so simple. You can then redeem your earnings for an Xbox gift card.


FreebiePoints will reward you with points if you complete surveys and deals. These points can be redeemed for Xbox Live gift cards.

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You’ll probably find items like “Free Xbox codes generator with no human verification” or places claiming to have gift card generators if you search for “how to get free Xbox Live codes” or any other variants of the word.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could simply use a generator to produce real Xbox codes and gift cards whenever you wanted?

Yes, it would be awesome, but let’s be honest!

Online Xbox code generators may exist, but they aren’t reliable.

Let’s face it: Microsoft isn’t going to give away gift cards. So, why would a generator distribute them?

These generators are a waste of time and some of these websites that claim to generate Xbox codes are a scam. Sure, they can spit out codes, but these are not real Xbox Live codes that actually function. They’re completely worthless.

Also, as result, you should avoid using them. Besides that, you do not want to end up with a computer virus or be scammed.

You’ll have to do something, whether it’s watching videos or trying out games, to get a gift card for the console. Fortunately, these tasks are simple and do not require much effort on your part.

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