25 Most Lucrative Side Hustles for People Over 50

It’s possible that the side hustle was created to suit the millennial generation. Everywhere you go these days, millennials (aged 23 to 38) appear to have at least one extra source of income in addition to their primary jobs.

Other age groups, besides millennials, are also interested in inside jobs as a method to supplement their income. Baby boomers, or adults aged 55 to 73, are also hustling, whether it’s for fun or to augment their main source of income.


According to a study by Wonolo, a freelance site, baby boomers work harder than millennials. On its platform, one out of every three baby boomers completes three or more gigs every week, compared to only one out of every five millennials. Find out which side hustle opportunities can help you attain your financial objectives if you’re wanting to make additional money.
If you’re looking to earn more money, find out which side hustle opportunities can help you reach your financial goals.

25 Most Lucrative Side Hustles for People Over 50

That You Can Turn It Fulltime If concentrate On It.



You don’t need to be a teacher to work as an online tutor. You’ll be OK as long as you’re well-versed in the subject you choose to tutor and can break it down to assist others to learn. The beautiful thing about tutoring is that you can either sign up with a service or go it alone.

Registering with a service can provide you with a ready-made client pool, but your earning potential will be constrained by the service’s earnings limits. You may also be restricted to a set amount of hours. However, if you decide to go it alone, you can choose your own hours and costs.

Earn $17.44 per hour.


2. Life Coach

People hire life coaches to assist them in personal and professional development. You have decades of life experience under your belt as a baby boomer.

People may have a sense of purpose and require accountability to achieve it. Other times, individuals may require assistance in defining the objectives that must be met to fulfill their life’s purpose.

As a life coach, you’d play a key role in assisting others in achieving their objectives, which they’ve defined — or that you’ve assisted them in identifying — by leading useful exercises and keeping clients accountable for taking the steps necessary to alter their lives.

Earn $31.89 per hour.


3. Pet Sitter

Because you may either host the pet at your home or go to the owner’s, pet sitting can be a flexible side hustle. Essentially, once you’ve addressed Fido’s wants, you’ll have some free time to do other things while still earning money. One of the best aspects of pet sitting is that you have complete choice over where and when you sit.

Rover and Care.com are just a few of the services where you may join up to be a pet sitter. Check out each service and evaluate the pay and the terms and conditions to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Consider becoming a dog walker as well if you want to make even more money.

4. Travel Agent

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a decline in demand for travel agents through 2028 as more people use the internet to book their bookings, you may plan group excursions as a side hustle.

For example, you may start your own booking service that organizes and schedules group vacations for persons over 50 to famous destinations such as river cruises.

A license or certification isn’t essential to work as a travel agent, but it may help you appear more genuine. You will require the approval of many travel and transportation agencies if you decide to create an agency. However, you will have the freedom to determine your own hours and prices.

5. Craft Seller

Why not get paid for making stuff if you enjoy it? You may convert your hobby into a lucrative side job by knitting bright winter scarves, manufacturing creative party presents, or baking healthy keto snacks.

Take advantage of selling online as well as at in-person events to increase your earning potential. Etsy is a great place to sell things online. You can register for free and open a shop. You should be aware that there are minimal fees associated with the listing, transactions, and payment processing. Shopify also offers a free trial period for setting up an online business. Craft fairs and other events that allow sellers of handcrafted things to participate are examples of in-person events you can attend.

8. Rental Host

Perhaps you have a spare room in your house that you’re willing to share with strangers in exchange for money. Or perhaps you travel frequently enough that your home is regularly empty. So why not make the most of your extra room by renting it out to others?

Renting out a room or your full home for a week or a weekend to different people can be a lucrative side hustle that pays you every month. Check out these calculators from online home rental marketplaces
Airbnb and  VBRO to evaluate the monthly income possibilities for your individual room or complete property.

Instead of having to give up your property overnight, you may try renting it out by the hour. Platforms such as

Peerspace or thisopenspace can be a good place to with.


9. Become A Music Teacher

Turn your ability to play a musical instrument into a source of money. Music lessons for children, adults, or both should be advertised. You have the option of providing one-on-one teaching or facilitating group sessions to earn more money per hour.

You’ll need to be able to arrange appropriate classes, provide constructive comments, and hold music recitals to be a successful music instructor. You have the option of hosting classes at your home, renting a studio, or traveling to each student’s home. You’ll be able to select your own hours and pricing as well.

10. Become  A Freelance Photographer

If you enjoy shooting photos and have been told you’re good at them, you might want to think about turning your hobby into a side business. You can specialize in pet or children’s photography, or you can be a generalist who travels to events such as weddings and milestone birthdays. Pay, hours, and photo assignments are entirely up to you.

11. Local Tour Guide

If you reside in or near a popular city or other tourist areas, becoming a tour guide could be a successful side venture. This might be your golden opportunity if you know what the area has to offer and are ready to spend time showing tourists around.

Consider joining up as a guide with tour-booking services likeTourByLocal or host experiences on Airbnb to get a feel for the industry. If you don’t want to share your revenue, consider launching your own tour company.

Make yourself stand out from the crowd by investigating what other tour guides have to offer and making your tour sound more appealing. Offer a walking ghost tour of the ten most haunted spots in the area, for example, if another tour guide gives a generic-sounding walking ghost tour. You might also dress up like a character to add to the fun.

12. Retail Arbitrage

If you pick retail arbitrage as a side venture, the sky is the limit. There is a learning curve – you’ll need to figure out how to identify products that you can sell rapidly for a profit. However, if you have enough money to put down upfront, you can quickly get this firm up and running.

Going to stores like Big Lots, Burlington, Target, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Marshalls, Ross, and TJ Maxx and buying inexpensive things to resell online for a profit is known as retail arbitrage.

You can resell your items on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, or you can use Fulfillment by Amazon service. You send the things to Amazon, which stores, chooses, packages, and ships the items to customers. However, you’ll have to pay a price for storage and fulfillment, so you’ll have to consider whether it’s worth it.

13. Offer Alteration Service

If you have a sewing machine and one of your skills is making adjustments, this is a low-cost side hustle. Your clients can come to you, and you can work from home. You can also offer free pickup and delivery if you want to be more competitive.

Print business cards and ask local bridal shops, drapery studios, dry cleaners, and apparel stores to refer you to their customers if possible. You might even get other business, such as making clothing, as you deal with different clients.

14. Computer Repair Service

Offer your services as a computer repair professional to put your abilities to use. It’s no secret that technology frequently fails us when we need it most, leaving potential clients desperate to get their computers back up and running.

You can also provide pre-scheduled preventive maintenance or the establishment of new home networks in addition to repair services.

Check with your city to see if you need a license to operate this type of business. A storefront and a business license may be required. However, in some areas, you can operate a mobile or home-based business.

15. Wash-and-Fold Laundry Service

To save time in the midst of daily life, some people choose to outsource mundane jobs such as laundry. You might wish to start this side hustle on your own if you reside in an area where potential clients can drop off and pick up their laundry from your home.

However, if you live in a remote area or need assistance getting started, you may join up for a service like Laundry Care, which would pay you $20 for each bag of processed laundry. For those residing in the United States Of America. It’s entirely up to you how much you charge if you decide to start your own wash-and-fold laundry service. Maintaining a competitive edge over other similar services in your area can help you get the greatest results.

16. Personal Chef

Hiring yourself out as a personal chef is a terrific way to supplement your income, especially if you consider yourself a good cook. Plus, if you’ve received culinary training and can handle a variety of cooking talents and needs, you might get added points.

There’s a market for personal chefs that specialize in cooking for those who follow a specific lifestyle diet, such as paleo or keto, or who want to prepare for private or even corporate special parties and occasions.

To get your first clients, leave your business cards at service businesses in your area, such as hair salons. You can also build an online presence with social media pages and a personal website. As you build your clientele, word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business are ways to get and keep clients.


17. Party Planner

If you enjoy planning and organizing, a side job hosting events or parties for others can be a good fit for you. Selecting a theme, booking suppliers, decorating, and cleaning up are just a few of the responsibilities. You could be hired for a variety of events, including birthday parties, graduation celebrations, corporate events, fundraisers, and holiday parties.

Networking with diverse vendors, including florists, hotel managers, photographers, DJs, and caterers, is one way to attract clients. Keep business cards with your contact information on hand at all times. You can also start a social media page for your side business.

18. Bounce House Rentals

Although bounce houses may not be in high demand during the winter months, they are in high demand the rest of the year, particularly during the spring and summer.

Because you’ll need to acquire a bounce house to begin started, a bounce house rental side hustle demands an upfront investment. A commercial-grade bounce house will cost roughly $1,500 and will last far longer than a $500 to $700 household one.

You’ll be able to pay off the bounce house quickly once rental bookings begin to come in. Then, if the market in your area allows, you can expand your business by purchasing more bounce houses.

Pays $85 to $250 per bounce house rental, according to The Outdoor Play Store.


19. Greeting Card Writer

Being a greeting card writer could be a lucrative side job if you have a humorous writing style that can make people laugh or the ability to express sentimental sentiments in words.

Snafu Designs, for example, pays $100 for each accepted laugh-out-loud concept that is creative, succinctly conveyed, and aimed at “wise” adults.

Blue Mountain Arts, a greeting card, gift, and book shop, pays $300 for each accepted piece of modern prose it uses on a greeting card or merchandise. The text should be about personal experiences, with a concentration on thoughts and sentiments that are difficult for most people to express.

Just don’t expect this to be a consistent source of income because your idea has to be accepted first.

20. Content Writer

Writing greeting cards isn’t the only option to get money with your writing skills. Writers can find a variety of freelance gigs creating content for websites, mailings, and other mediums. You can look for work by signing up for ClearVoice, a platform that connects writers with companies or browsing job advertisements on sites like FreelanceWriting.com.

21. Bookkeeper

This lucrative side employment might be yours if you have accounting experience and computer accounting software. On sites like ZipRecruiter, look for a part-time bookkeeping job that you can undertake in your spare time.

22. Rideshare Driver

Driving for a company like Lyft is a great way to turn your car into extra cash. The qualifications to drive for Lyft vary by city, but it usually requires a four-door vehicle with five to eight seats from 2006 or later. You’ll need a valid driver’s license and to pass a background check that includes a review of your driving record and criminal history. After you’ve applied and been accepted, you’ll be able to accept rides using the Lyft app. According to a 2018 Ridester poll of independent drivers, the typical Lyft driver earns $17.50 per hour.

23. Translator

Bilingual boomers can pay in on their language talents. Translators transfer messages from one language to another while maintaining the context, content, and intent of the original. Depending on the gig, this can be written or vocal messages.

Thanks to services like Rev, which lets you work as much or as little as you like as a subtitle translation, this is a profession you can perform from home in your spare time. Depending on the language, the site pays $1.50 to $3 per audio/video minute. If you are a professional translator, you can register with One Hour Translation and apply for jobs.

24. Management Consultant

Since you’ve been in the workforce for some time, you’ve probably learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to running a company. Management consultants work with businesses to enhance many elements of their operations, such as productivity, management, and image. This work frequently necessitates computer and math skills, as it entails conducting research and evaluating data.

This could be a lucrative side venture if your abilities are a suitable match. Look for a job that gives you the freedom to determine your own hours and responsibilities. Jobs for remote management consultants can be found on sites like FlexJobs.

25. Graphic Designer

If you have some graphic design knowledge, you can convert it into a side business. You may offer your services and interact with potential clients on sites like Fiverr and 99designs. If you haven’t updated your web portfolio in a while — or if you don’t have one at all — do so before putting yourself out there to ensure that you can attract high-paying clients.


Never give up on things you would to do or get when you’re still breathing no matter how old you are as long as you got all it takes to get it. So go ahead and give it a try since you already have experience under your belt, don’t sleep on it.



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