9 Social Media Sites(App) That Pays Its Users Real Money

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Are you a kind of social media addict? Or you just kind of a person who likes spending your leisure time on social media during your free time. In that, you can not stay for a day without checking your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, to keep in trend with the latest posts from friends, relatives, and other top celebrities that you do follow on social media. And mostly, sometimes for fun only.

What if you start earning money from your presence on social media? Yeah, for just being active on social media, it is possible to make some money, and you will get paid for posting, commenting, liking, watching videos, voting, and sharing posts rather than making money for other people on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter scrolling, liking, sharing, and commenting for the whole day without even getting a single penny from them at all.

Thanks to the internet and technology it has led to the development of new social media sites(apps) that allow you as an everyday person to make money with social media even though you are not a celebrity, you still get paid for them.

Social Media Sites(App) That Pay Their Users Real Money For Using Them;


Webtaik is a new social media network with unique ideas and, is one of the social media networks that share all of its revenues with the network members.

There are a lot of ways to earn money on Webtalk on daily basis through creating posts regularly, promoting your business if you have such as promoting your website, youtube channel, and promoting affiliate links.

To join this social media network you have to be invited by the registered network user at Webtalk.

As of now, this network is only available on the web, but fortunately, it’s app is coming soon on the play store and app store so that you can download it into your phone for easy access.

With this network, the more engagement on your profile, the more money you make, and they also have their affiliate program where you can refer people, and get a reward for life, and benefit from their referrals too.

With all your activities and earnings on this network, they pay their users monthly with a minimum payout threshold of $100


Tsū is a social media platform whose users capture value by creating and sharing original content from all over the world. Communities on Tsu are celebrities, athletics, artists, and everyday people.

Tsū is Social Media as it was intended to be. They are the “Social that Pays”. They put content creators at the center of their platform as they say; ”together, everyone wins.”

They based on their three core pillars that say;

1) Awarding content creators based on ad revenue.

2) Enabling commerce at the point of discovery via a personalized storefront.

3) Providing tools that inspire content creation.

By focusing on the creator, Tsū facilitates the growth of a unique, self-sustaining, creative ecosystem where all parties can connect and thrive.

As of now is only available on phones and you can download the app on the app store or play store, it has no desktop version.


This is a social media site similar to TikTok, but Clipclaps pays its user to be entertained not like TikTok that only pays the creators.

On this app/site, you will be paid to laugh, uploading videos, spinning wheel, playing games, and posting. As a creator on this site, you will earn as much as your followers watch and vote for your contents where you will be rewarded with clip claps coin, which you can later redeem to real money via your mobile phone or PayPal when you reach the payout threshold of $10 or $0.10 without any cost of transfer which is only available for Paypal withdraw.


This is a crypto social network. It was co-founded by Bill Ottman, Mark Harding, John Ottman, and Jack Ottman.

They are an open-source and decentralized social networking platform where users

are rewarded with Minds tokens for contributions to the community. Their goal is to build a new model for content creators to take back their Internet freedom, revenue, and social reach.

In the Minds contribution economy, users and developers are rewarded for a variety of contributions to the network including generating high-quality content, account setup and verification, referring new users, maintaining an active channel, finding bugs, successfully submitting code, and more.


Belacam is a social media site built for cryptocurrency users. The more likes you get on your posts, the more BELA you earn.

Belacam offers multiple ways to earn, By mixing social media and cryptocurrency, they’ve built a platform that lets you easily make money online through a variety of methods such as;

1) Posting Photos

When you share photos from your life to Belacam, you earn BELA for each like that you get.

2) Taking Surveys

They match you with brands that want to hear from people just like you and get paid in BELA for each survey you attempt.

3) Referring Others

When you refer friends to Belacam you earn 10 or more BELA when they first register plus 10% of their lifetime survey earnings.

Once you’ve earned some of the Bela cryptocurrency, you can request a direct withdrawal or spend it at the Belacam Shop.


Wishoo is the new Ecoin Social Media platform, where you can receive up to 50,000 Ecoins daily on your posts, but to post you must have referred 100+ referrals to be able to post.

Fortunately, on wishoo, you are also paid to vote, like, and comment on other’s posts where you will be rewarded 1.5 Ecoin for an activity that you perform there, and you must use a brave browser to earn ecoin.

Register at Ecoin official Website & Receive up to 400 Ecoins, Current Value $5, Future Value $236.

7. VeeU

VeeU is a fresh, new video community whereby individuals can express opinions, share the hottest and funniest videos!

Spend time watching millions of enjoyable and amusing short videos while making new friends all around the world.

VeeU recommends personalized trending content just for you. The videos in VeeU are not typically from commercial or public media, but from creators like you.

No matter if you are a professional video creator or a vlogger, you’re welcome to post your videos on VeeU and share them with the world.

This app is also like Clipclaps where they pay its users for watching videos, referring others to the platform and uploading your videos.

8. Moorish-American.com


Moorish-American.com is a Moorish-American owned & operated online social media networking site that is 100% Safe from unethical data mining practices. They are dedicated to keeping your communications and content safe and secure.

This website is free to join and use at your leisure. They encourage members to remain in honor and display good character and a sound mind.

This is a safe environment for adults to network business and social opportunities as well as an environment conducive to sustained cooperative economics. Members can upload items for sale in the Bazaar (Market) where other members can see them and purchase directly from the member that is selling. No middleman.

You do not have to be a member of the Moorish-Science Temple of America to be a member of this site. You will earn money for every Like, Comment, Post, Share, and Referral.

 9. Wowapp

On this app, you have 6 different ways to earn. Through making paid calls whether mobile or landline, receiving gift cards by shopping at your favorite stores like eBay, Alibaba, etc, earning WowCoins by shopping online, earning WowCoins by completing activities, earning WowCoins by playing games, for free, and getting rewarded for your loyalty to WowApp and your network members.



Finally, we have come to the end of the article, and I hope these apps/sites will help you get rewarded for being on social media since they are not like the other big-brand social media such as Facebook, Instagram among others that can’t even reward a single penny for using their apps.

And if you also know any other apps/sites that pay its users that we have not mentioned here, you can also suggest it down in the comment section below there.

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