7 Legit Captcha Entry Jobs Sites That Pays $100-$200 A Month


Captcha entry is one of the simplest data entry jobs online in that anyone can do it even though you have no experience/skill in data entry job, you can do it and earn up to $100 – $200 per month when you work for four hours daily from home online either on your smartphone or laptop/desktop.

We have researched some real legit sites that offer captcha entry jobs and based on their reviews, we are going to provide details on how to join them and how much money they pay for captcha entry.

However, the captcha entry job does not pay as much money as you could expect, they pay to start from $0.5 to $2 accordingly but still, you can make some side income doing it so that it can help you in paying your bills, buying groceries among others.

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What are captcha entry jobs?

As nowadays the internet is the largest source of information in the world and I’m pretty sure that you are familiar with the term captcha, because when you are signing up for an account on the websites such as survey sites you have to first solve a captcha to confirm that you are human not a bot since captchas can only be solved by humans not automated bots(proof that you are bot).

Here, this is where humans are now hired to solve captchas on behalf of other companies, there are a lot of companies outside there that are hie ring people like you and me to solve captchas on their behalf, and in return, they pay you money for solving captchas every day.

And you can check these sites and try them out and see whether they can work for you also, these are Mega typers, Pro typers, 2captcha among others.

Top 7 Captcha Entry Job Sites

These are the top 7 captcha entry jobs sites that will pay you to solve captchas from anywhere in the world and they are flexible, meaning that they allow you to work at your own time/schedules;-

1. Megatyper

MegaTypers is a workforce management company that provides data entry services to private and governmental institutions.

Their captcha entry jobs also include Image-to-text recognition, transcription from Voice to Text, and assisting the visually impaired to overcome the internet’s visual challenges.

Their schedules are flexible. You can work at any hour that you want and for as long as you please. The quicker you type, the more Typer Credits (which can be exchanged for a dollar currency) you earn.

MegaTypers is fantastic for:

  • Mothers that stay at home.
  • Parents that need a second job.
  • Students.
  • People in between jobs.

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How much you earn depends on the amount of work that you do. Their top Typers earn between $100 TyperCredits and $250 TyperCredits each month! And their payment rates start from $0.45 TyperCredits for each 1000 word images typed and can go as high as up to $1.5 TyperCredits for every 1000 words typed. As TyperCredits can be automatically exchanged for a dollar currency (on a 1-1 Ratio), they may pay through Debit Cards, Bank Checks, PayPal WebMoney, Perfect Money, Payza, and Western Union.


2. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo has been providing online captcha entry jobs since 2007 and they have employed several people globally. They pay $1.50 – $2 per 1000 captchas solved.

Kolotibablo uses a rating system to pay a higher amount to their more efficient workers. The more accuracy you show, the more money you will receive. Initially, you need to work a little hard to earn money but with time, you will find a very profitable position on this website.

Sign up here.

Work online and earn real money

3. Fast Typers

FastTypers is the site that appreciates their great workers & pays them up to $1.5 per 1000 captchas. The rate of solving captcha will be higher during the night hours especially from 12 am to 5 am.

You can stay updated about their service through their blog.


4. 2captcha

2captcha is a website that allows you to easily earn extra money on the Internet. Yes, it’s not big bucks and the work is a bit monotonous but you can be sure that you will receive each cent you’ve earned and you will not be scammed.

2captcha is a good starting point for learning how to earn money and create income from the Internet economy through solving captchas online anywhere from the world at your own time

To get started all you need is a computer or a smartphone with Internet access. And of course, you’ll need to pass their simple free training that takes just 5-10 minutes.

They pay $1 per 1000 captchas solved.


5. QlinkGroup

You can get paid weekly from QlinkGroup. It’s a 2 words captcha service & the words are case-sensitive. You have to type at least 800 captchas per week per ID to receive your payment.


6.Captcha Typers

Many people all over the world work on CaptchaTypers & make around $200+ per month through captcha entering.

You need to type fast without timed out or else your Id will be banned for 30 minutes. Their rate varies with time. You will get maximum rates between 9 pm to 9 am. You can download their latest CaptchaTypers software from their site so that it can increase your speed.

They pay to start from $1.5 per 1000 captchas solved.


7. Virtual Bee

This is another excellent platform where you can find Captcha jobs and other types of data typing jobs. You can sign up on the website, join yourself as a keyer, and then choose the job that you want to do on this website.

A captcha typer can earn $0.4 to $0.8 for solving 1000 captchas depending on the quality and accuracy. You can get paid by check, PayPal, or direct bank transfer.

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Points to note before you start working with these captcha entry sites

1. Captcha entry jobs are more laborious compared to other data entry jobs online even though they can earn you up to $100 to $200 a month from home without investment or many skills when you work for at least four hours daily.

2. Some of these sites will ask you to download their software to receive tasks to be solved.

3. You must have an account with a paying platform such as PayPal, Payeer, Bitcoin among others to be eligible to receive your payment promptly.

4. And lastly you can try most of them and find one that can work for you better and stick with it. Or you can also try searching on freelance sites such as Upwork, Freelance, Lionbridge to find any data entry jobs online.

Hope this article will help those who are searching for simple ways of making an extra side income from home. And if you know any other captcha entry job site that we haven’t listed here, you can leave it in the comment section below. And also tell us if have made some side income solving captchas online.

All the best.


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