How To Get Paid As Search Engine Evaluator-Working From Home

Search engines are continually improving and getting stronger, but algorithms can’t do anything humans can. It is for this purpose that roles such as Search Engine Evaluator exist. Your task will be to score the search results such that the best results are given to the users. You will not only earn cash, but you will also be assisting in the enhancement of search results. There’s no need for special devices, and there’s no need to chat on the phone. To get started, all you’ll need is a computer and access to the internet. Some tasks can also be completed using just a smartphone.

This opportunity is appropriate for those who want to work from home while not being paid peanuts. Although its pay is not the highest, it is satisfactory.

However, keep in mind that the work-from-home world is hugely competitive, so expect thorough training and research, as well as a thorough understanding of current affairs, popular culture, locations, and people.

If you assume you have what it takes, read on to learn more about what a search engine evaluator does, where to get a job, how much it costs, and the industry’s pros and cons.

Where to Find Search Engine Evaluator Jobs?

Here are some reputable companies where you can work as an evaluator.

1. Appen

Appen gives you the chance to work in a variety of languages and countries. You won’t be able to work on English search results in every country. In Mexico, for example, you can only focus on Spanish search results. Job prospects are scarce in most countries, with only about 43 countries offering employment at the time of writing.

Before working on assignments that include fluency in a language other than English, you must pass a language assessment test. All of the other specifications are fairly standard for this type of work, so I won’t go into them here.

2. Lionbridge

Search Engine Evaluators are what Lionbridge refers to as Internet Assessors. Jobs are available in a variety of countries and languages, much like Appen. To see the available job positions, simply select your country. You will be asked to provide your personal data and list the places where you have worked in the last five years as part of the application process. You’ll also need to include details about your academic credentials and upload your CV. Finally, you can apply to answering some questions and validating your mobile’s version/model.

Lionbridge pays between $13 – $16 per hour. The average hourly wage is $15, which is slightly higher than at some other companies. You can potentially gain $16 per hour, but I doubt you’ll make that much in most cases. If you live in the United States or other European countries, you should expect to receive $15 per hour.


There aren’t many work vacancies at iSoftStone. You may have to wait a long time, even years, to find a job opening in your country. The conditions are identical to those of other companies, however, you must work between 10 and 25 hours a week. As a result, you must ensure that you have at least 10 hours of free time per week.

Working for this organization has a lot of benefits, including on-the-job preparation. As a consequence, no previous experience is needed to work for this organization. The starting pay is $13 per hour, but it can go up. The other companies work with Google, while iSoftStone works with Bing. To use this website, you’ll need a Windows-based personal computer or laptop.

4. Toloka

This is also another best site for making money evaluating searches online with Toloka you will evaluate searches on Yandex and Bing search engine. And simplest to join since you don’t have to pass any test.

You can work with both your phone or desktop on this site or can download their app on your android or iPhone.

On this site, some tasks don’t require training, and some that require. And their payment ranges from $0.06(tasks that don’t require training) – $29(tasks that require training) per hour.

What is the Work of a Search Engine Evaluator?

A search engine evaluator analyzes websites and webpages (and sometimes ads) and grades them according to Google or Microsoft’s guidelines to ensure that people find relevant details on any particular topic.

See what comes up when you search for something on the internet.  Do they have any significance? Are you able to locate just what you need? Algorithms, which are what offer you those results, take a lot of time and effort to develop, but Google doesn’t always get them right. Robots aren’t always good at deciphering what you’re looking for, especially if it’s a string of unrelated words rather than a single word.

What Does it Require to Become a Search Engine Evaluator?

You don’t need any prior experience or a college diploma to apply, but there are several testing stages and a lot of guidelines and rules. You’ll have to put in some effort at first, but once you’ve mastered the procedures and gotten your foot in the door with one of the companies, you’ll have a fun and flexible job for years to come.

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The following are the qualifications for this job.

-Capacity to perform analysis.

-Latest events and pop culture awareness.

-In most cases, you must be able to work a minimum of 10 hours per week.

-An examination or an interview must be passed.

-English fluency is required.

What is the hourly pay structure for search engine evaluators?

The number of hours available and the hourly rate is determined by the project and the contractor. If you set your availability on your profile and check in daily, you’ll be able to grab any jobs that come up quickly. You may be required to work a minimum number of hours or have a limit on the number of hours and weekly projects you can work on.

Depending on where you live and the agency you work for, you can earn between $9 – $13 per hour. It’s suitable for introverts, stay-at-home parents, college students, and others seeking to supplement their income so you can work part-time or full-time.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Serving as a Search Engine Evaluator?


-The work schedule and workload are flexible.

-You’re in control of your own destiny.

-It is also not necessary to have any technical expertise.

-For this type of online job, the pay is reasonable.

-No need for software or special equipment.

-A college degree is not required.

-There is no need to work on the phone.


-Working hours can be limited.

-Since the work is performed on a project basis, there could be some downtime in between tasks.

-You will not be able to work for another organization if you have a contract with one.

-You won’t have fixed hours to work.

-You will be responsible for the taxes as an employee of the company.

-Projects can come to an abrupt end at any time and without warning.

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What do you think now that you know what a search engine evaluator does, what you’ll need to get started, how much it costs, and you’ve weighed the advantages and disadvantages of the industry? Are you ready to take a chance?

This job opportunity could be ideal for you if you’re looking for some extra cash, a lot of flexibility, no start-up costs, and just a few requirements. To make things work, all you have to do is make arrangements for downtime between tasks or if contracts end abruptly, such as finding another flexible work-from-home job. That’s the advantage of working from home: you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

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