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16 Sites To Get Paid To Write Movie Reviews

Are you a fan of watching movies/hobby great news for you if yes, since you like watching and It’s like part of you? Oh there you can now recommend the best or worst movies to others through movie reviewing on the internet if you have some simple writing skills, you can make some extra money on the side of movie fanatics from reviewing movies and making film lists, you don’t have to be a pro in writing, Fortunately, there are some ways beginners can get paid to be a movie critic.

Get Paid To Write Movie Reviews

There are a lot of sites outside there that will pay you to write about movies. Here are some of them that will pay to write about movies;

1. Taste Of Cinema

Taste Of Cinema is a site that pays writers for writing articles on their website mostly about movies only. If you’re good at making movie lists and writing reviews this site can work for you, However, they don’t say the exact money they pay per post, but they say that ”The more clicks your post gets, the more the money they pay you”.

They also say that ”contributors will have the opportunity to promote and link their organization, website, social media, books, or products in a prominent author byline that will be seen by thousands on each post they write”.

You can also ask about the details of the application.


2. Screen Rant

With this site, you will write about TV Shows, Movies, and even Video Games.

However, they don’t say the amount they will pay per post, but they do say that ” We are looking for writers who can produce in-depth premium content with expert knowledge in one or more of Screen Rant’s featured categories”.



This one pays you to write about movies, film lists, and gaming.

They also allow you to promote your links on their site such as YouTube among others.

They didn’t mention the exact amount per post that you publish on their on-site.



This site pays writers to write about any topic they would like to write about such as celebrities, movies, and TV shows, video games among others. How they don’t indicate the amount they pay to post on their site.



Bustle offers remote partime jobs to people who have knowledge and skills about TV shows only as they have indicated on their site and you should be able to publish posts twice a week on their site.



This is America’s leading magazine on the art and politics of cinema a quarterly publication, founded in 1967, which offers a social, political, and aesthetic perspective on the cinema.

They said that ” We are interested in all areas of the cinema, including Hollywood films (old and new), American independent cinema, quality European films, and the cinema of developing nations”.

They offer writing jobs of writing film reviews, book reviews, and interviews and they also said that ” We currently pay $18 for “Short Take” reviews; $36 for book or DVD reviews (the author may retain the book or DVD reviewed; in the case of book or DVD reviews posted on our Website as “Web Exclusives,” no cash payment is offered); $45 for Film Reviews and short articles, columns, sidebar interviews, or essays; $90 for feature articles or feature interviews.


7. Cultured Vulture

This is a site that pays you to write about films, books, gaming, and TV Shows.

They pay £2 for every feature article published on their site and also £2 for every 200 page views accumulated on your articles during its first week of publishing between Sunday and Saturday.


8. Animation Arena

This one pays for writing movies, video games, and comic book reviews.

The pay is $15.00 used per review with a maximum of 10 reviews per month.

9.Popular Voices

This site offers you the opportunity to write about movies and books mainly to inspire women to live their happiest and healthiest lives on a platform that promotes their diverse experiences.



Hubpages is a network of sites where people write about their passions, you can write about a topic you are interested in such as movies, books, a celebrity among others.

They pay according to the traffic on your articles published.


11. Crooked Marquee

This is a site that hires freelancers to write opinions and analyses of movie trends, specific current films, or current news in the film world, also personal essays related to movies.

And re-examinations of older films that are newly relevant for some reason.

Their payment starts at $50 per piece.



12. British Cinematographer

This site pays for writing movies and TV Shows

Sign up here.

13. Bright Wall/Dark Room

This is an online magazine that pays its writers to write movie reviews and film listing and they pay according to the traffic your published articles gain

Sign up here.

14. Freelance Video Collective

This is a site that pays writers with keen interests in film, TV, and movie bloggers to write a guest post for a video production blog. You supply them with well-written 700-800 word articles and they pay you £60 along with a short bio at the bottom of your published article including a link to your website.

Sign up here.


This is an entertainment site that pays keen writers to publish articles on their website about movies, films, sports. However, they didn’t indicate the price offer on their site.

Sign up here.

16. Geek Native

This one pays writers to write news in the entertainment world, tips and tricks; if you have got some good advice for GMS and you to put your thoughts for playing a better LARP character down in writing.

They also host videos on their YouTube channel, If you’ve filmed an event or have put together a mini-feature designed to grow awareness of your own channel/stream (but no adverts) this might suit you.

Sign up here.

check also social media sites app that pays its user’s real money


According to the experts, they state that the best way to get paid as a movie reviewer is to start your own blog post where you can publish your review articles and monetize them through creating space for ads networks that pays you money for displaying ads on your site and doing affiliate marketing where you include affiliate links in your blog post and you get paid when someone clicks the link on your site and purchases any products.

You can start your own blog post /website with Wealthy affiliate where they provide you with full training in affiliate marketing from scratch.

Hope these will help you in your job search, wish you the best.