Skillshare 2021 Review Is It Worth The Price?

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Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more. On Skillshare, millions of members come together to find inspiration and take the next step in their creative journey.

If you are someone who really likes self-learning and thinks that you will actually use the subscription and attend the courses, I think that the small investment is absolutely worth it. If you invest a lot of time in the course, you can definitely get your money’s worth on a platform like Skillshare. It’s a way for you to learn and expand your knowledge.

In this article, we are going to look at everything you can get from this online learning platform, how its features compare to other online learning websites and how you can get a free trial. If you want to learn a new skill, just keep reading, this post will pass on everything you need to know about it. This is a SkillShare Review because I believe there are some areas of skill that we want to learn and expand to improve our life.

What Is Skillshare

Skillshare is an online(E-learning) and education platform where students can choose from the catalog of 30,000 categories of courses ranging from creativity, business, technology, and lifestyle with all subtopics under them.

People often refer to it as Netflix learning as you can select movies on Netflix, on Skillshare you are also able to choose courses, skills to learn at your own time. However, it’s a paid platform and they do cover various topics, almost everything you would learn.

In Skillshare, you only see what you are interested in without any ad interruption.

They have over 5 million student base, learning and growing every day.

They also have some famous personalities as instructors including Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Young Guru among others.

Skillshare Pricing

Unlike other online learning platforms where you buy courses individually, at Skillshare you subscribe monthly which is $8/m, or yearly which is $39.48 annually and it depends on your choice.

And If you’re a keen learner, you actually spend a lot if you buy individual courses. Whereas, at Skillshare you are free to watch any video out of all 30,000+ videos available.

And you can even choose 7 days of Free Trial which gives you complete access and learning to experience at Skillshare. If you don’t wish to continue with the paid plan, you can switch back to Free Plan during the trial.

There are three different types of account you can have at skillshare;

Free Account

With a free account, you just have to sign up using your email, Facebook, and Google account, and you will have full access to all free courses on Skillshare.

Premium Account

With a premium account, you start with 7 days free trial that you decide later whether to continue with the plan or turn to a free account.

On this account, you have access to all courses and skills to learn on the platform and after the end of the free trial period, you choose of deciding on which plan to continue with where they have two different plans on the premium account;

1. Monthly plan – $8 which is billed at the end of every month.

2. Yearly plan – $3/m which is billed at the end of the year at $39.48.

Team Plan

If you have a company and want Skillshare Subscription for your team, you can actually do that by contacting them for Team Plan which costs $99 Per User Per Year.

Under this plan, have your access to two different plans such as the starter(team) and enterprise(business) plan.

Starter Plan

With a starter plan, you will have access to courses for your team at the cost of $99 per which is billed yearly. And it’s great for the teams of 5-49.

Features Of Starter Plan

Unlimited access to 22,000+ classes

Admin functionality and user management

Mobile, casting, and offline capabilities

Workshops, Projects, Groups

Enterprise Plan

The price for this plan is not stated but if you want to get a price estimate, you can talk to their sales team. And it’s great for teams of 20+ members.

Features of Enterprise Plan

All the benefits of Starter, plus

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Engagement and analytic reports

Integration and API

Curated Learning Paths

Is Skillshare a Scam?

Not at all. Skillshare is a legit business started in 2010 by Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong. They have been up and running for 10 years.

By now, the platform has 8000+ instructors who have created 33,000+ classes that have attracted a membership base of 8 million+ students.

As you all know that false is louder than truth and does spread fast. Skillshare has 4.5 Stars rating on Trustpilot. I went through the negative reviews and found, that most of the users have complained about being charged after 7days free trial. Well, that’s how it works right?

You get 7days of the free trial when it ends, you’re charged as per the plan you selected during sign up.

Most people don’t know that they can cancel the subscription before 7days. Your premium account will be still active till the end of 7days but you won’t be charged at all.

If you want to play safe, add a reminder on your phone to cancel the subscription a few 2days before. Or, cancel the subscription just after signing up in account settings.

In case, you wish to continue, all you have to do is subscribe again.


How to use Skillshare Premium for free?

1. Being that Skillshare is a based subscription platform to use their services, you can start by taking their 7day free trial where that if you like their classes you can proceed with their subscription plan.

2. Use their referral program, where if you refer a friend or anyone to the platform you get 1 free month of premium class. Here if you are in your 7days free trial and you’re enjoying the classes, you can take the advantage of the free trial to tour the platform and recommend it to your friends or others, and in that way, you won’t any single penny on the classes as you will be compensated for spreading the word of Skillshare.

3. Cancel the free trial before the end period. Here is ”kinda” but complicated where you have to start the 7days free trial and cancel it towards the end of the trial, like when you are left with 2 or 1 day to the end of 7days free trial, and you to make a practice of doing each week.

This way is a bit tiresome as you will have to monitor your account carefully. After all, if you fail to cancel the free trial before the end period, you will charge because your free trial period over which proves to the Skillshare platform that you are satisfied with your free trial and you are ready to continue with their premium plan.


Skillshare for Jobseekers

Job seeking can be a tedious task, especially if you don’t acquire new skills with the time. This is where Skillshare can come to the rescue.

You can learn a new skill and add it up in the Skills section of your resume. Not only that helps to fill the gaps in your resume, but it also impresses interviewers too.

Even if Skillshare doesn’t provide a certificate of any kind, you will gain a lot of knowledge to answer the interviewer’s questions.

And you can also become their affiliate partner and promote their classes to your audience if own a website or you can promote on social media channels where you will be awarded the commission of $7 per person who used your unique affiliate link to Skillshare and if they don’t take the subscription plans but as long as they start their free 7days trial.

Skillshare for Entrepreneurs

Skillshare is a learning platform whether you’re a new or pro entrepreneur, you can learn 100s of things ranging from Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, Leadership, and Management.

As you’ll know that entrepreneurship at the start is a bit difficult as you will not afford to hire someone for every post, and if you would like to make it a bit easy you need multiple skills to push through while you grow and if you have multiple skills, you won’t spend a lot of money to hire to grow your business.

And if you are ready to take your entrepreneurship business to the next level, Skillshare is the place to look upon. Need a business analyst? Take up a course. Want to create your Business Website? Take up the course. It is easy.

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Learning Platform & Experience


Skillshare has a good user Interface platform with its dark them, which enables students to even study all night long without affecting their eyes.

The platform is easy to use and easy to navigate. As mentioned earlier, Skillshare treats all their teachers equally which means you’re not being upsold by anyone.

They also have workshops and communities where you can take part and engage yourself more with the platform.

All the courses have Discussions, Reviews, Projects, and Resources Tab which gives you more clarity of the class before enrolling.

You can also download and watch offline videos on their app which is both available on the play store and AppStore


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Final thoughts Skillshare is it worth the price

You don’t have to tell the world that you’ve learned a new skill, but you do have to make people who are just starting with skills be much more helpful. Skillshare is the one that introduces you to each other and even then you will probably quickly look for other sources of information. If you want to learn more in-depth, then Skillshare Premium is just the thing for you.

I think online learning is the future of education, and Skillshare is one of the best platforms for learning new skills on the Internet. Most of their reviews say it is a great platform for online learning, with a wide range of courses and an excellent online learning community.

Skillshare is a great way to add value to your resume, whether you’re a student or doing a 9-5 job. Everyone can become a member of the learning community, from the students to the teachers. They can share their acquired skills with people willing to learn, as well as teachers and other professionals.

If that sounds like the kind of skills and knowledge you are looking for, I think that Skillshare would be worth it, but to determine whether it is worth that, you need to consider how the platform is structured and meet the criteria you consider an effective online learning platform.

A good start is to check that the skills taught in the courses are what you want to learn and that the level of the course is in line with your experience. Remember that each course includes an introductory video so you can check if they are a good fit for you or not.

One of the most important features that Skillshare has about YouTube is the ability to put what they have learned into practice, and that’s what I like about it.

It has a great evaluation system where you can give ratings on the teacher’s ability to engage with you and meet your expectations. While the ratings cannot be left on the teacher’s page, individual classes have a tab where you can see how other users have rated the course’s usefulness.

While there are no free courses like those you might find on YouTube, YouTube is still an excellent site for learning new skills. Skillshare allows you to learn new skills and even find courses that challenge you in a meaningful way.

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